What people are saying about remedy.

"Very helpful. Remedy started me on a new filing system that I have found to be fabulous. I can now see the top of my desk!"

 - Sharyn S San Marcos, TX

"Stephanie helped me organize my kid's closets. She was very helpful, considerate, time efficient and punctual. It was all around an excellent experience."

-Mia V in Westlake Hills Austin, TX

"After moving from a large surburban house with a two-car garage to a small urban apartment with no external storage, the challenge of organizing my new home was overwhelming to me. Stephanie really listened to my concerns and developed a customized, workable action plan for me. With her guidance I have been able to complete this project and at an affordable cost."

-Carol L Austin, TX

"Stephanie has been working with me for several years. From day one, Stephanie comes to the door with a big smile, ready to tackle any situation with enthusiasm, suggesting strategies and solutions that are personalized to my needs. With gentle encouragement and never-ending patience, Stephanie has taught me how to overcome my chronic disorganization and establish workable organizing skills. Stephanie is a lovely person and I appreciate the expertise she has shared with me. It would be my pleasure to recommend Stephanie as a Professional Organizer."

-Sandy K Pflugerville, TX

"It's not an exaggeration to say that working with Stephanie has changed my life. I have always struggled with clutter. I have a very small house and I also have a hard time getting rid of things. Stephanie has helped my organize my home and find ways to manage all the chaos that living with two kids in a small house can bring. She organizes in a way that helps me to easily maintain that space. I now get compliments on how organized my home is!"

-Amy G Austin, TX

"I was overwhelmed with getting organized in our new house after a move. Stephanie was a tremendous help! She guided me through different spaces in manageable chunks and helped me thoroughly think through how we use items in our house. She was invaluable in helping us make decisions on when to purge, when to save, and how to store various items. Not only did Stephanie determine where to put things, but she helped us develop systems for keeping things picked up and organized. This is especially challenging with 3 young kids in the house! Now that things in our house have their own "home" in places that are intuitive for us, it's much easier for us to maintain a sense of organization over time."

-Tera F Westlake Hills Austin, TX

"I think Stephanie probably added years to my life by reducing the stress of the mess! We started with a floor full of boxes and paper overflow and stacks of reading material. We ended with no boxes and a paper flow system that worked for me. We created a simple, attractive place where I actually want to work AND it was fun! "

-Kathleen G Austin, TX